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Our Philosophy on Managing Money

Though money management can be a complicated process, we strive to simplify it for our clients. We speak in truths and set realistic expectations beginning with the fact that no financial crystal ball exists.  Guided by this perspective, we have created an evidenced-based process that focuses on four principles: identifying your risk profile, establishing suitable asset class weightings, obtaining optimal diversification and a consistent rebalancing of your portfolio. Academic and industry research indicates that the majority of active investment managers do not outperform their benchmarks over time. In fact, there is no correlation in the performance consistency of active managers, which is why EIA rarely uses them when structuring client portfolios. Instead, we primarily utilize low-cost ETF’s (Exchange-Traded Funds). This core investment philosophy allows us to eliminate many common investment risks and mistakes, which affords us the ability to concentrate on proper asset allocation, broad diversification, maximum efficiency and minimizing costs.  We believe the most successful investment strategy to help you achieve your goals is the one you can adhere to in all market conditions.